some photos from the Celebrations of the Anniversary of the Restoration of St Georges Market, Belfast

25TH, 26TH
AND 27th JUNE in St George?s Market.

 History Tours,  collection of MARKET MEMORIES  (an archive of trader and customer memories) , choirs through the ages from throughout Belfast, music, dancing, street-theatre, Traditional Skills presentations, Speeches from the balcony and traders and customers dressed as Belfast Victorian folks.

A celebration of our own Heritage gem in the heart of Belfast !

full schedule of Market Memories events

here is a picture of the lady and gentleman who generally raised the tone of the weekend and I think won the hamper from St Georges Bar and Grill for the best dressed Victorian Couple -

The Weekend  started off on Friday with a choir from St Malachy's Primary on the balcony

details of the Market Memories days

market Memories

Saturday and Sunday - the first ever Official Sunday Market at St Georges , were packed with Events , with Music and Craft Demonstrations and  Paddy Scully's very entertaining Historical Tours and were generally wonderful
so these pictures mostly werent taken until people were packing up so they are mainly of the folks who stayed to the very end - still - I hope you like them !



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 The Market History Tour
           ...devised and written by Paddy Scully~
           and enacted by talented local reenactors   

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st georges market Belfast city crest